Underwater Cameras! See whats below your boat…

The "Anonomous Bluegill" Underwater camera

A school of panfish on the Hitmans personal underwater camera

I wanted to share this press release that I just received

The Best ‘Fish Finder’ in Your Boat

MarCum underwater cameras have become secret tournament prefishing tools

Minneapolis, Minn. – They call ‘em “fish finders.” And it’s no wonder.

Boating around your favorite lake or river searching for bass, panfish or walleyes, your eyes never leave the screen. The things this fish finder reveals are simply amazing—forests of flowing underwater vegetation; fields of craggy boulders that house all kinds of critters; vast schools of shad, sunfish and the occasional marauding crayfish. Soon, you spot a big walleye; its unmistakable flag-white tail gives a friendly wave as it glides past the lens of your MarCum underwater camera.

While continuing to drift along the rock and weed point, the camera reveals over a dozen deep-bellied bass, seemingly waiting for you to drop a jig in front of their hungry eyeballs. A look at your sonar shows a few mysterious lines and arches, but those could be anything—carp, bullheads, logs, who knows? Only your MarCum shows exactly what’s below your boat. It’s why more and more anglers consider their MarCum to be their true fish finder.

As an increasing number of tournament anglers attest, cameras aren’t just fun, they’re the best way to find and identify bass or walleyes before competition begins. From tournament pros to weekend warriors, MarCum cameras such as the new vs625sd and vs825sd have become reliable fish finders. See something on sonar that doesn’t make sense? Drop the MarCum down and discover the answer. Searching for crappies in a weedbed? Drop the MarCum. Prefishing a tournament, but don’t want to hook your bass before competition begins, or show other anglers the big fish on your line?

You know what to do. Catch ‘em with your MarCum first.

FLW Bass Pro Troy Morrow relies on his MarCum camera to gain a tournament winning edge. In 2010, Morrow notched two major wins and a $50,000 payday at the Forest L Wood Cup on Lake Lanier, Georgia. “I used the camera at Lanier to identify bottom composition around brush, brush thickness, and to see how much bait (bream) was using the brush, and what other species of fish were using the piles,” Morrow said. “Some of my sonar returns around the brush looked promising, but they were all crappies, stripers or catfish. Others were chock-full of only small bream and spotted bass. Knowing this gave me a tremendous amount of confidence that I was fishing in the right piles that held big bass.”

Thanks to recent MarCum advancements, underwater “fish finding” has never been easier. New Solar-Intelligent LCD monitors project dazzlingly clear, bright video in all conditions, even in bright sun. And with the highest resolution optics and display screen available, you’ll be viewing underwater in near HD-quality, right in your boat. In addition, on-screen displays of depth, water temp and camera direction provide valuable clues that help locate fish and identify key patterns.

“For tournament practice when you want to find, but don’t want to hook any of your fish, there’s probably no better tool than my MarCum vs625sd,” Morrow asserts. “I can locate and get right over deep structures with sonar, such as timber or brush. Then I can drop the camera on ‘em to see exactly what it looks like down there—how the cover is positioned, what’s living in it, how big the bass are, and you never burn the spot by hooking a fish before the tournament starts. People talk a lot about confidence, but to me, true confidence comes from actually seeing two 5-pounders swimming around a brushpile on the screen of my MarCum.”

About Marcum Technologies
Manufactured in the U.S.A. by Versa Electronics, MarCum Technologies offers the highest standards in underwater viewing systems and flasher-sonar units available today. For more information and a 2011 MarCum catalog, contact Versa Electronics, 3943 Quebec Avenue North, Minneapolis, MN 55427. For customer service, please contact us at 888-778-1208 or email us at service@versae.com. Website is www.marcumtech.com.



The technology on underwater cameras is changing rapidly, now is a good time for a newbie to get a killer deal  on discontinued and older model underwater cameras.

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