Trout,Trout, Trout….Trout Fishing Season Is Finally Open!


Connecticut’s trout fishing season opened April 21,2012! This year has been a truly amazing fishing season for trout. We had one of the warmest winters on record, with the warm water trout grew much, much faster in the hatcheries! This year trout are on average 14or 15 plus inches! The BlackOps Fishing Mafia, myself included (Fi-Shawn) have been killing trout throughout CT. Strating with catch and release fishing in the Salmon River TMA area. We did very well before the season even opened! catching 3-10 trout each outing. Fly fishing was awesome too! I went last weekend and fished near the covered bridge on the Salmon River. I don;t fly fish much at apparently the flies I used haven’t even hatched this season yet (oops!) I used caddis flies, and may flies and was hammering the trout! I had a blast because it was my first time catching trout on a plain fly with the ol’ fly rod. Now let’s get back into spinning! First I would like to give everyone out there that doesn’t know much some useful trout fishing tips and fishing secrets to increase your catch!!

The Rod…First off use a trout fishing specific rod! You will feel the bites better and they are designed so they flex just right and a medium size trout can feel huge! My favorite brands are Fenwick, G.Loomis, and St.Croix, a cheaper favorite would be a 4 ft. ugly stick!

The Fish… I will cover a bunch of different trout species that are found throughout the U.S. but mainly what we have in CT! Brown trout are a silver sort of brown with darker speckles, rainbow trout have all sorts of colors and no spots, brook trout are the most beautiful fish especially the native brook trout, they have whit orange, reds, and spots that can be shades of purple you really have to see them, they are so beautiful. The tiger trout is pretty cool, its a hybrid trout a cross between a brown and a brook trout.

The Spots…Throughout the country you will find different species of trout in lakes, ponds, streams and rivers! You will need to use different tactics in each body of water to produce the most fish. Many states have a stocking program and have TMA (trout management areas) Theses areas in CT especially are stocked heavily you can count on catching almost year round in these areas. When fishing streams and rivers you’ll want a good pair of wading boots, this allows you to maneuver just right to fish the holes properly. Look for the back sides of pools. I like to find big, slow moving pools with fast moving water on either side. Normally you will cast up stream and let your bait or lure drift down stream. You want to keep most baits near the bottom with a split shot 1-2 ft. away from a small hook around size 8. I normally fish the salmon river in CT, Jeremy River, Farmington River, Nachaug River and Black Ledge River. Also Day Pond in West Chester CT can be killer! Power bait kills it, try my method below and you cant go wrong, morning and afternoon are best!

What to use…I always use 4lb test on my reel with a 4ft. trout rod, I will sometimes use a 2lb test leader. I use tons of Berkley trout fishing baits, usually when the fishing is slow. When fishing lakes or ponds i use a slip weight with a barrel swivel. I attach a 2 foot long a 2-4 lb leader line the other side of the swivel with a size 8 hook. This method is great for Berkley power bait. The new Gulp power bait is phenomenal, this method is also good with shiners, crawlers, meal worms,and corn. When fishing rivers I looovvveee rapala X-Rap’s! I use the smallest ones up to a 3 or 4inch sometimes. The trout replications are very good, my SECRET, SECRET is to dunk my X-Rap in some Berkley Gulp Juice (i shouldn’t even tell you this :P) Seriously though… I’ve killed it when no one is catching with the X-Rap and Gulp Juice!!! Also spinners and spoons work well too.

Always remember to bring your forceps with you for catch and release!

You would be surprised a small trout will eat a big rapala, but when you are searching for breeders in the river use a big Rapala and bring some polarized glasses!

I would also like to mention Horse Pond in Salem, CT. It’s a great little place, easy to find with easy handicap access!! It’s also a trout park and is stocked regularly. Good Luck to everyone who tries any of my spots or tips! Talk to you guys soon!! : )

One Last Secret- You can find worm inflators at almost any bait shop. Pump up your crawlers on a slow day, use a decent sized weight to keep it from floating to the surface, I’d use my slip rig.


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