Roaming Rod Fishing Challenge


Try the Roaming Rod Fishing Challenge. Many anglers are taking a fishing Challenge or even starting a fishing challenge of their own. It’s fun to some anglers and a silly idea to others. Fishing Challenges are  popular on YouTube and a great way to spend time outdoors. If you are considering trying a fishing challenge just paste fishing challenge in your YouTube browser and you will see many different fishing challenge Ideas. Our new fishing challenge for BlackOpsFishing is called the Roaming Rod Fishing Challenge! In this fishing challenge we use a child’s fishing combo called the Lady 202 by Zebco. It’s a challenge to land a nice fish an a small kid’s fishing combo and even more of a challenge to capture it on video.

Roaming Rod Fishing challenge Tee

In the Roaming Rod Fishing Challenge one of the BlackOpsFishing Team will catch a fish on the Zebco Lady 202. Then we will make a video, it will then be sent to another You tuber who wants to complete this Fishing Challenge. The new You tuber recipient will then attempt to catch a fish for the fishing Challenge, get it on video and send it to the next You tube recipient. This should be done in a 10 day time frame. Now the next recipient  can complete the challenge and send it to the next You Tube challenger. Now we get to see how far the Roaming Rod fishing Challenge can go!  We will chose who the next recipient is by  reading the comments in the video. We have Roaming Rod Fishing Challenge Stickers and also some cool tee shirts with the BlackOpsFishing logo and the text reading Roaming Rod Fishing Challenge.

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