Spring Fishing in Connecticut! Stripers, Pike, Bass, Trout, Crappies…..


After experiencing one of the warmest winters on record, Connecticut is in for an awesome Spring fishing season and it’s already underway!


In warmer climates such as Florida fish grow at much faster rates, in colder climates such as Connecticut fish grow slower because their metabolism naturally slows down in anticipation of winter.

Here is a prime example,

2012 CT Trout Stocking Underway Due to this year’s warmer weather, the Connecticut DEEP has accelerated its stocking..

This early stocking of trout started back in February and was caused by extreme growth rates due to warm weather,Trout grew 20% larger and the hatchery ponds became over crowded forcing this early release. It really is strange, I was getting bit by mosquitoes while Pike fishing on the Connecticut River in early March. Many other insects are hatching early this year including some our Trouts favorites the Black and the Brown Stone fly!

the black Stonefly

Just yesterday I walked in to a favorite fishing pond, about 25 years ago I fished this same pond on the last day of March which happened to be the first day of “Ice Out” and caught a 6lb 11 0z largemouth Bass that still hangs on my “Mans Room” wall, that Bass reminds me to fish this pond early every year but this time I was in for a surprise!

Upon approaching the pond I could see action on the surface, as I got even closer, creeping through the thick brush, frogs and turtles plopped into the water! I was shocked to say the least, most years its still too cold for turtles and frogs and mosquitoes until after the traditional opening day of trout fishing season which is the third week in April a month away!

Next I see a bunch of fish right up on the edge of the pond and schools of bass out 10 feet or so, I saw Bluegills, crappies and mostly bass the biggest were only a few pounds and the smallest a few inches but there were dozens. It was obvious that most of the fish sensed my approach they quickly darted away or changed their positions. I enjoyed watching those fish for several minutes and then walked to another section of the pond to cast for some bigger bass.

the turtle

Turtle sunning at the pond (last summer)

I have watched Pike spawning much earlier this year and the pike fishing is Red Hot right now on the Connecticut River and it’s coves.

You can fish many of these locations from land or boat right now and catch pike. You should use heavy tackle and large lures or bait, the bigger the better. Remember to carry steel leaders when fishing for Pike or better yet because it’s nearly invisible in the water a 30# to 50# test fluorocarbon leader attached to your hook or lure will get you more strikes.
One more thing on Pike, Pike are in 3 different stages right now 1. pre-spawn 2. actual spawn 3. post spawn please be careful when handling these toothy fish, proper handling will save your fingers and the future of our Pike population. I have watched “Scrods” just yank Pike out of the water and let them roll around on the bank until they are totally covered in dirt, then they fuss around trying to get the hook off, the mortality rate on released Pike must be high.

Crappies are ready to catch right now! Small jigs or pin head shiners are the ticket for some hot action! Crappies put up a great fight on light tackle and they taste absolutely delicious!
I took a quick mission to Wethersfield Cove on the Connecticut River

Wethersfield Cove

I saw folks catching Crappies right from land in the channel between the river and cove and I marked so many schools of large fish on my Eagle sonar it was insane! I wasn’t fishing
just looking for info for my report but now that I saw so much action on my fish finder screen, I can’t wait to get back to the cove.
Stripers are just starting to head up the Connecticut river but there is an active bunch of striped bass that hold over in the river from Rocky Hill on up to and past the Enfield Dam. Sand worms, blood worms, cut or live bait fish and lures like a 7 inch Zoom on a jig head will all produce fish.
Get out early this year like the turtles and frogs:) you will be pleasantly surprised!

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