Smallmouth Bass Fishing in the Winter

Smallmouth bass caught in late December

The Hitman displaying a nice Candlewood Lake Smallmouth Bass.

smallmouth bass caught by the author

4 LB and over Smallmouth bass are common at Candlewood lake.

Smallmouth bass fishing in the winter is not for the weekend angler!~  But those anglers in the know can have the bast trophy smallmouth fishing imaginable!

Watch the excitement in the video above as young anglers, Bailey Hood and Nick Spada each catch a personal best trophy sized Smallmoth bass! You will feel our excitement right through your screen!

If you live in the Northeast and fish for Bass you have undoubtedly heard of Candlewood Lake! Candlewood Lake is one of the best bass fishing lakes in the northeast, providing both large and smallmouth bass fishermen with unsurpassed action for trophy fish!

When Candlewood lake  is not locked up with ice, is a great fishery for bass boaters! With warm cloths and proper tackle you can have a great day of winter fishing on Candlewood lake.

Smallmouth bass are ferocious cold water feeders that can make you tremble with excitement from their strong fighting, fast swimming and even high jumps in the wintertime!

How to find feeding winter smallmouths is the challenge here, because once you do find a hungry school of smallies you can be in for some nonstop action!

Knowing the habits of winter time smallmouth bass and visiting all the possible locations you can, using your electronics and without spending time on non-feeding schools of fish, you may stumble on the best smallmoth bass fishing of your life time! Trophy smallmouth bass are common in the winter time and putting in your time and effort is a must! You can accelerate your learning process by hiring a local guide or fishing with anglers who have been on the lake of your choice. If you are going to try Candlewood Lake their are 2 local bait and tackle shops that can help you narrow your search and provide you with the very best tackle and tips to catch winter time smallmouth bass, Valley Angler and Candlewood Bait and tackle are the names of these 2 facilities.

With persistence your smallmouth bass dreams can be a reality and doing it in the winter when most anglers are home by the fire, makes it so much better.

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