Hillyer's Tackle Shop, Waterford, CT. since 1934 Dad carried me in to this shop when I was just a guppy

Fishin Factory 3 Middletown, CT

bait and tackle store

The Fish Connection Preston, CT

Rivers End Tackle Shop

Connecticut Outfitters Wethersfield< CT




I’m an advocate for the “mom and Pop” stores, the stores that started this great country and watching them drop out of business hurts, we need them but still we shop online and at large department stores that sell everything putting the little guy’s out of business.

My biggest concern, since I live breathe and think fishing are the “Mom and Pop” fishing tackle stores, I have also owned tackle shops and know first hand how  the Internet and the big chains stores can hurt their business, heck I shop on line and at the big stores for certain items but I buy everything I can from privately owned fishing tackle shops and I’m proud of it!

Listen up!  We need the bait and tackle shops, imagine what would happen to your hobby when they are all gone? You can’t go on the Internet to have your reel properly filled with the correct fishing line. Is the Internet going to personally help you pick a balanced fishing rod and reel that fits you and your fishing needs? Buy some lead ocean sinkers on the Internet  and see what that costs ya!

Where will you get fresh bait? I imagine it would be live bait machines and convenience stores, ask the live bait machine where the best fishing is right now and what to use for tackle, the best time and tide and see what happens.

So that leaves the guy in convenience store as your fishing mentor, today it’s rare to find a convenience store that  can even give you driving directions, some can’t  give you directions to their Tylenol, this is your new fishing mentor.

Of Course the Internet provides tons of fishing info but if it’s not tuned to your location, just general info, it’s nothing like what an expert fisherman from your area can provide you with.

The folks that run these tackle shops are there by choice, what fisherman hasn’t at least dreamed of owning a bait and tackle shop! It’s their passion and livelihood, we need them yet we make purchases from the big guy’s that could have been purchased at a local tackle shop, maybe it’s a few dollars more then the chain store, maybe not but look at the knowledge and service you get with that same purchase from your local bait and tackle store, that is an added value.

Lets look at an example of what the small bait and tackle store goes through to make a buck and what the big chains do to save one.

We will use Bill’s Bait and Tackle for the fishing tackle store name.

ChainMart will be the department store and MTM will stand for major fishing tackle box manufacturer

We will use a fishing tackle box as the example, Bills bait and tackle buys a case of fishing tackle boxes for resale from MTM , the fishing tackle boxes cost Bill 10 dollars each, Bill marks them up to 16.95 he makes a reasonable profit and offers his clients a great tackle box for the money.

Now MTM is coming out with new models of fishing tackle boxes and contacts  ChainMart stores and says, hey, we  have all these left over tackle boxes we need to unload and you can have them for 6 dollars each, ChainMart snatches up the deal along with their order of the new model tackle boxes, now ChainMart sells the same box that Bill’s bait and Tackle sells for 16.95  for only 9.95 at ChainMart, So you shell out 10 bucks at ChainMart to some “Scrod” behind the counter who would rather have a better job and knows absolutely nothing about fishing, while Bill with a wealth of fishing knowledge that he loves to share has a case of tackle boxes growing dust and becoming outdated on his shelf.

Now here’s what ChainMart does to  MTM. ChainMart puts in huge orders of tackle boxes and MTM scrambles to meet the new demands, now MTM is making more fishing tackle boxes then ever and ChainMart says, wait a minute these prices are to high, forcing MTM to lower their price to stay in business!

That is why I will not shop at ChainMart if I can help it!

I don’t just shop at one local fishing tackle store I like to spread my purchases around, usually stopping at bait and tackle shops that are on my way to where I intend to fish.

It’s understandable to make a purchase from the big guy’s  if your saving a pile of money  but try hard to buy as much as possible from your local tackle shops and keep them in business!


Thanks For Reading




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The "Anonomous Bluegill" Underwater camera





I have been thinking about and working on something for the fishing industry that has not been done yet, at least not to my knowledge and I’m super excited about it! It’s going to help all anglers! Anyone who fishes will benefit from this awesome new fishing idea that I’m almost ready to launch! Subscribe to my blog to find out whats up!


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the foldcat

The Hitmans tricked out Sea Eagle Foldcat 375

Lets talk about the advantages of inflatable fishing boats. Obviously the first advantage of  inflatable fishing boats would be their flexibility, they can be deflated and kept in the trunk of a car or a closet in your condo. No need for a trailer, a small car is all you need to transport inflatable fishing boats to your favorite fishing spots, they easily inflate with a foot pump and you are on the water in minutes.

Inflatable boats are extremely safe in the water that’s why they are the first choice for Navy Seals, Fire and Police and Coast Guard rescue boats. Inflatable boats can handle rough seas better than most boats, another reason they are used as rescue boats. I have never been in a more stable boat then my new Sea Eagle 12.6 Sport Runabout It is a perfect inflatable fishing boat, If you stand to one side of the boat it wont even dip down, I swear It’s more stable then my Ranger Bass Boat was, this is why inflatables are used as dive boats, divers can climb in loaded with heavy gear and the inflatable boat remains stable.  These are great reasons to chose  inflatable fishing boats.

They are extremely light and disperse very little water the draft (the distance from the waters surface to the lowest point on the keel)is only a few inches on most inflatable fishing boats making them able to navigate through the shallowest water, yet another reason inflatable boats are used for rescues and Navy Seal Missions and make great fishing boats.

Inflatable fishing boats handle extremely well under power, super quick turns and responsive handling are another reason to make inflatable fishing boats your next choice!

New Sea Eagle Sport Runabout

The Hitmans New Sea Eagle Sport Runabout ready to fish!

Here is a great example of what you can do with inflatable fishing boats, there is a river that branches off of the Connecticut river, every spring when the Herring make their annual run up the Connecticut River many branch off and run up smaller rivers, each season anglers in the loop, head up this river past many obstacles, prop breaking rocks, and shallow marsh areas to reach a fish ladder where very big fish of all types come to feed on the Herring, it is an amazing fishing spot.

This year we have not had enough rain and the river is low, preventing all the bass boats from making this trip, only Canoes,Kayaks or the Hitman’s Custom inflatable would be able to navigate this river. I’m actually planning this trip for today my inflatable is perfect for the mission since a GPS is needed for navigation purposes and I can carry a all the gear I may need, the low draft will allow me to use my gas and electric motor since it’s several miles to the fish ladder and dam. I’m more excited than ever because I’m most likely one of only a few anglers who will fish this prime location this year.

Inflatable fishing boats will go much faster then any other boat with the same horse power outboard, for example I have a 9.9 hp outboard and if I punch it, the boat climbs out of the hole and jumps on plane like a mini bass boat, in seconds I’m going 20 mph this is a huge gas saver! I can fish all week on a few gallons!
This saves me a ton of money. With some of my other boats It could cost over a hundred dollars for fuel just for a day!
I can get a week out of a tank of gas on my inflatable fishing boat, costing me 24 bucks. That saves a bunch of money I can by lures and tackle with.

Besides all of the advantages of inflatable fishing boats, I think they look cool, are a blast to use and easy to trick out with all kinds of fishing gadgets.

Thanks For Reading!


Fishing Rod Rack ideas

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fishing rod rack

Bungee material, staples and a couple of planks made a quick fishing rod rack

If you need a fly fishing rod rack, fishing rod roof rack, fishing rod rack for truck, horizontal fishing rod rack, boat fishing rod rack, wall fishing rod rack, free standing fishing rod rack,Ceiling fishing rod rack, chances are you can make one and save enough loot to buy another rod or two.

If I’m going to do a DIY project the first thing I want to know is am I going to save money, time or both. Fishing rod racks are a yes to saving both time and money, its simple to make your own and depending on what you need for a fishing rod rack it could take just a few minutes.

Below is a picture of a fishing rod rack I made in just minutes, I didn’t want to go to the store, I was going strong on organizing my fishing room and didn’t want to brake my pace but ceiling storage for several fishing rods would really help so I came up with this ceiling  fishing rod storage rack.


the rubber fishing rod clip

Rubber fishing rod clips like this can be found online

You can simply mount the rubber fishing rod rack clips to a board, door, ceiling and more! Imagine if you took an old chest of drawers and attached rubber fishing rod rack clips on the sides and back, you would also need a base at the bottom of chest to secure fishing rod butts and keep them off the floor, add some wheels and you have a rolling fishing cart with tackle storage drawers and a working table top.
Something like that would cost several hundred dollars you can buy several rods with your savings.

the fishing rod rack

Another ceiling mount fishing rod rack is seen in the back ground, made from scrap items

boat fishing rod rack

The Hitmans Custom "Tower" boat fishing rod rack

You can also use pvc pipes to make simple fishing rod racks! Here is picture of a boat fishing rod rack in my Sea Eagle Sport Runabout.

I used a simple PVC pipe with capped ends to store large surf rods, push poles and such on my roof fishing rod rack.

the pvc tube for fishing rods

The Hitman stores surf fishing rods, push poles and such in a large capped PVC pipe

Use your imagination and save a bunch of money on fishing rod racks.

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After experiencing one of the warmest winters on record, Connecticut is in for an awesome Spring fishing season and it’s already underway!


In warmer climates such as Florida fish grow at much faster rates, in colder climates such as Connecticut fish grow slower because their metabolism naturally slows down in anticipation of winter.

Here is a prime example,

2012 CT Trout Stocking Underway Due to this year’s warmer weather, the Connecticut DEEP has accelerated its stocking..

This early stocking of trout started back in February and was caused by extreme growth rates due to warm weather,Trout grew 20% larger and the hatchery ponds became over crowded forcing this early release. It really is strange, I was getting bit by mosquitoes while Pike fishing on the Connecticut River in early March. Many other insects are hatching early this year including some our Trouts favorites the Black and the Brown Stone fly!

the black Stonefly

Just yesterday I walked in to a favorite fishing pond, about 25 years ago I fished this same pond on the last day of March which happened to be the first day of “Ice Out” and caught a 6lb 11 0z largemouth Bass that still hangs on my “Mans Room” wall, that Bass reminds me to fish this pond early every year but this time I was in for a surprise!

Upon approaching the pond I could see action on the surface, as I got even closer, creeping through the thick brush, frogs and turtles plopped into the water! I was shocked to say the least, most years its still too cold for turtles and frogs and mosquitoes until after the traditional opening day of trout fishing season which is the third week in April a month away!

Next I see a bunch of fish right up on the edge of the pond and schools of bass out 10 feet or so, I saw Bluegills, crappies and mostly bass the biggest were only a few pounds and the smallest a few inches but there were dozens. It was obvious that most of the fish sensed my approach they quickly darted away or changed their positions. I enjoyed watching those fish for several minutes and then walked to another section of the pond to cast for some bigger bass.

the turtle

Turtle sunning at the pond (last summer)

I have watched Pike spawning much earlier this year and the pike fishing is Red Hot right now on the Connecticut River and it’s coves.

You can fish many of these locations from land or boat right now and catch pike. You should use heavy tackle and large lures or bait, the bigger the better. Remember to carry steel leaders when fishing for Pike or better yet because it’s nearly invisible in the water a 30# to 50# test fluorocarbon leader attached to your hook or lure will get you more strikes.
One more thing on Pike, Pike are in 3 different stages right now 1. pre-spawn 2. actual spawn 3. post spawn please be careful when handling these toothy fish, proper handling will save your fingers and the future of our Pike population. I have watched “Scrods” just yank Pike out of the water and let them roll around on the bank until they are totally covered in dirt, then they fuss around trying to get the hook off, the mortality rate on released Pike must be high.

Crappies are ready to catch right now! Small jigs or pin head shiners are the ticket for some hot action! Crappies put up a great fight on light tackle and they taste absolutely delicious!
I took a quick mission to Wethersfield Cove on the Connecticut River

Wethersfield Cove

I saw folks catching Crappies right from land in the channel between the river and cove and I marked so many schools of large fish on my Eagle sonar it was insane! I wasn’t fishing
just looking for info for my report but now that I saw so much action on my fish finder screen, I can’t wait to get back to the cove.
Stripers are just starting to head up the Connecticut river but there is an active bunch of striped bass that hold over in the river from Rocky Hill on up to and past the Enfield Dam. Sand worms, blood worms, cut or live bait fish and lures like a 7 inch Zoom on a jig head will all produce fish.
Get out early this year like the turtles and frogs:) you will be pleasantly surprised!

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Fishing Hartford CT!

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I live in Colchester CT, out in the country close to the ocean and many lakes, ponds, trout rivers and streams, I love fishing all these places but if I want constantly big fish, a huge variety of big fish and lots of action, I head to the Connecticut River, although I do fish the entire river from the Fourth Connecticut Lake in New Hampshire to Old Saybrook, CT. you will most often find me fishing Hartford CT. areas on this wonderful river.

Fishing Hartford CT, on the Connecticut river always makes me think of  the famous quote from Forest Gump,

“Life Is like a Box of Chocolates… You Never Know What You’re Gonna Get”

Fishing Hartford CT, is like that.. You never Know what you’re gonna catch!

Those are only some of the reasons fishing Hartford, CT. is a great decision!

Here are a few more

There are many available access points for fishing via land or boat from the river and it’s  coves!

With the exception of heavy flooding the Connecticut River provides action 365 days and nights per year!

The Connecticut River has made a dramatic comeback in water quality!

Fish in the Connecticut River grow at a faster rate! (the state average growth rate for a largemouth bass to reach 12″ is 3.4 years but it takes only 2.7 years in the Connecticut River!)

The Connecticut river is rich with organic matter called detritus, which is made up of small particles leaves and wood that become altered over time, although they are non living,  these particles are food to many fish and amphibians and all  fish and wildlife depend on this food matter.

The Connecticut River is loaded with forage food like crayfish, shad, alewife,bunker, chubs, suckers, shiners and more!

The hitman dispalys a double header catch of white and yellow perch

The Hartford area on the Connecticut River is host to many fishing tournaments each season, both professional and novice!



In the photo on the left I display a double header catch! A yellow and a white perch.  This was taken on Feb, 11, 2012

At Keeney Cove on the Connecticut River near Hartford.

It was 2 fish every cast for a couple of hours!


Just Imagine the huge Pike and Bass that come to forage on fish like the ones in my picture!

And this is just the beginning of what I have to tell you about Fishing Hartford CT…

Spring is full of surprises for those who fish the Connecticut River… stay tuned for more









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Kayak fishing supplies

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Shawn Sims of Black Ops Fishing displays a nice bass caught while fishing from his kayak


Kayak fishing is growing in popularity faster then ever, the number of Kayaks being sold is astounding, just take a drive on a nice day and you are bound to see dozens of vehicles on the road  carrying  kayaks,  some people are using kayaks for exploring,  sight seeing, exercise, running rapids, riding ocean waves or just floating around reading a book but we will leave those folks to their simple pleasures, were talking hardcore kayak fishing supplies here!

Kayaks are fun, versatile, easy to transport and make perfect stealth fishing boats, they are also simple to rig with all kinds of kayak fishing supplies!

Today there are so many kayak fishing supplies to chose from you can be very creative when rigging your personal fishing machine.

I own 3 kayaks all rigged for fishing with different kayak fishing supplies and I have helped many anglers set up their boats for fishing with the proper kayak fishing supplies for the fish they seek.

Why do I own 3 Kayaks?  There are several reasons, I have a 12′ Wilderness Brand Kayak it has a large cockpit to carry the extra gear I need for underwater camera  filming , or extra kayak  fishing supplies for longer days of fishing. I have a 10′ Wilderness Pungo model and a Malibu Mini X sit on top Kayak, they are  perfect for the ponds, lakes, rivers and ocean bays were I like to fish. I can also supply 2 friends with kayaks for the different fishing missions we take.

Here is list of the most important kayak fishing supplies you should have on your kayak and where you can find them.

  • P.F.D. personal flotation device:  for comfort you should purchase a kayaking style P.F.D.  these are easy to find in the sporting department of most any store. Larger kayak fishing supplies stores often carry many styles of kayak P.F.D’s including inflatable models, find the one that suits you best.
  • Bailing Device: If your  kayak is not self bailing you will need some sort of bailing devise, I recommend the manual pump style. The Beckson Sea  Kayak Pump can befound at many stores selling kayak fishing supplies. One such store is the Defender corporation  I live local to the Defender corp but they are online at www.defender.com, they have a nice selection of kayak fishing supplies.Beckson Sea Kayak Pump
  • Paddle: You need one, why not spend the extra money on a super light paddle, you won’t believe the difference over a standard kayak paddle.
  • Whistle: You should carry a whistle in your kayak fishing supplies safety kit, a mirror, flare, lighter and first aid items are handy items to keep in your kit as well.

You will also need some rope and an anchor if  you plan on doing any stationary fishing, I carrie a bow and a stern anchor on some trips. You can get fancy and buy or fashion a pulley rig to lift and lock your anchor in place (some kayaks come with these devices) or you can purchace a folding anchor system which includes a folding anchor, rope and bouy in a carry bag.

Fishing rod holders are always available in many styles at fishing and boating stores but for some specialized kayak fishing rod holders you may have to try a kayak fishing supplies store. Also remember you need rod holders to store rods while paddleing as well as rod holders for fishing.

I rarely fish without electronics such as sonar depth finders and or flashers, some kayaks come with mounting surfaces for this equipment or you may have to get creative with your mounting in any case you can get many ideas from searching stores that sell kayak fishing supplies.

Another  great item to carry in your kayak is the Lindy Bait Tamer bag! The 15 gallon bag hangs over the side of my kayaks, we use it as a live bait holder, a live well for kayak fishing tournaments and as a fish bag for our Fluke and Blackfishing!    You may have to order the 15 gallon Lindy bait bag online, it’s harder to find than the 5 gallon model and may not be available at Kayak fishing supplies stores.

I love the Lindy Bait Tamer Bag in the 15 gallon size

Thanks for reading!




Cheap Fishing Reels

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Anglers search the web everyday under the term “Cheap Fishing Reels”. When folks say “cheap fishing reels”, they could mean relatively low in cost, inexpensive or comparatively inexpensive.

Lets start with the later comparatively inexpensive. Here’s an example Shimano has been making the Bait runner spinning reel series since they introduced it in 1986, it was not considered a cheap fishing reel but it was (I believe) the first duel drag spinning reel, while Shimano remains in the forefront on duel drag systems, many followers such as Ryobi in the 90’s and Okuma even Cabela’s make their own versions today.

okuma Epix Epixor EB Baitrunner System, Cheap fishing reels

The Shimano bait runners start in the price range of 160.00 -200 and over
Cabela’s Salt Striker™ Baitfeeder Spinning Reels 54.00 – 74.00


Okuma makes several models  ranging from 39.00 – 99.00 and over





My personal favorite Spinning Reel manufacturer happens to be Shimano, I feel they are reasonably priced and very high quality.

The Cabela’s Sea Striker and the Okuma Epix Series would be comparatively inexpensive choices.

They may even be considered “cheap fishing reels”.

The Okuma advenger series  starting in price at 39.00 would most definitely  be considered cheap fishing reels, when I reviewed them on line however I was quite surprised to see  many 5 star ratings on such a cheap fishing reel with so many features!

No surprise about the Okuma company they have been making quality  cheap fishing reels since 1987.

When your shopping for cheap fishing reels but  your looking for long lasting quality be sure to look for reels with stain less steel ball bearings  as opposed to roller bearings, generally the more ball bearings the smother the reel will operate.

Most important when shopping for cheap fishing reels would be the reels drag system, no matter if its a spinning reel or bait casting reel a smooth drag is a must for fighting lunker fish.

Also check the line capacity for the pound test you will be using.

I do a lot of ice fishing and jigging is a very productive way to catch fish through the ice, in fact  many more fish are caught  by jigging then any other line fishing  method. I need several rod and reel setups for jigging much like a bass fisherman needs in his boat.

Time is a big factor and if you can just grab another jigging setup when needed you will have much better success.

Since ice fishing is seasonal I want cheap fishing reels on my jigging rods and Frabill makes some awesome cheap fishing reels some are under 20 dollars!

This is a Frabill jigging combo for  19.95!

Frabill reels are made for cold weather fishing and make great cheap fishing reels!


Thanks for reading

The “Hitman”



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The "Anonomous Bluegill" Underwater camera

A school of panfish on the Hitmans personal underwater camera

I wanted to share this press release that I just received

The Best ‘Fish Finder’ in Your Boat

MarCum underwater cameras have become secret tournament prefishing tools

Minneapolis, Minn. – They call ‘em “fish finders.” And it’s no wonder.

Boating around your favorite lake or river searching for bass, panfish or walleyes, your eyes never leave the screen. The things this fish finder reveals are simply amazing—forests of flowing underwater vegetation; fields of craggy boulders that house all kinds of critters; vast schools of shad, sunfish and the occasional marauding crayfish. Soon, you spot a big walleye; its unmistakable flag-white tail gives a friendly wave as it glides past the lens of your MarCum underwater camera.

While continuing to drift along the rock and weed point, the camera reveals over a dozen deep-bellied bass, seemingly waiting for you to drop a jig in front of their hungry eyeballs. A look at your sonar shows a few mysterious lines and arches, but those could be anything—carp, bullheads, logs, who knows? Only your MarCum shows exactly what’s below your boat. It’s why more and more anglers consider their MarCum to be their true fish finder.

As an increasing number of tournament anglers attest, cameras aren’t just fun, they’re the best way to find and identify bass or walleyes before competition begins. From tournament pros to weekend warriors, MarCum cameras such as the new vs625sd and vs825sd have become reliable fish finders. See something on sonar that doesn’t make sense? Drop the MarCum down and discover the answer. Searching for crappies in a weedbed? Drop the MarCum. Prefishing a tournament, but don’t want to hook your bass before competition begins, or show other anglers the big fish on your line?

You know what to do. Catch ‘em with your MarCum first.

FLW Bass Pro Troy Morrow relies on his MarCum camera to gain a tournament winning edge. In 2010, Morrow notched two major wins and a $50,000 payday at the Forest L Wood Cup on Lake Lanier, Georgia. “I used the camera at Lanier to identify bottom composition around brush, brush thickness, and to see how much bait (bream) was using the brush, and what other species of fish were using the piles,” Morrow said. “Some of my sonar returns around the brush looked promising, but they were all crappies, stripers or catfish. Others were chock-full of only small bream and spotted bass. Knowing this gave me a tremendous amount of confidence that I was fishing in the right piles that held big bass.”

Thanks to recent MarCum advancements, underwater “fish finding” has never been easier. New Solar-Intelligent LCD monitors project dazzlingly clear, bright video in all conditions, even in bright sun. And with the highest resolution optics and display screen available, you’ll be viewing underwater in near HD-quality, right in your boat. In addition, on-screen displays of depth, water temp and camera direction provide valuable clues that help locate fish and identify key patterns.

“For tournament practice when you want to find, but don’t want to hook any of your fish, there’s probably no better tool than my MarCum vs625sd,” Morrow asserts. “I can locate and get right over deep structures with sonar, such as timber or brush. Then I can drop the camera on ‘em to see exactly what it looks like down there—how the cover is positioned, what’s living in it, how big the bass are, and you never burn the spot by hooking a fish before the tournament starts. People talk a lot about confidence, but to me, true confidence comes from actually seeing two 5-pounders swimming around a brushpile on the screen of my MarCum.”

About Marcum Technologies
Manufactured in the U.S.A. by Versa Electronics, MarCum Technologies offers the highest standards in underwater viewing systems and flasher-sonar units available today. For more information and a 2011 MarCum catalog, contact Versa Electronics, 3943 Quebec Avenue North, Minneapolis, MN 55427. For customer service, please contact us at 888-778-1208 or email us at service@versae.com. Website is www.marcumtech.com.



The technology on underwater cameras is changing rapidly, now is a good time for a newbie to get a killer deal  on discontinued and older model underwater cameras.

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Every fisherman  loves Fishing Jerseys, Fishing Shirts, Fishing Hats and all kinds of fishing gifts.

I received many fishing gifts this Christmas some very expensive Fishing gifts and some inexpensive fishing gifts that made a big hit with me. I absolutely love ice fishing and Frabill makes some awesome ice fishing gifts.

Frabill Line Saber

The Frabill line Saber was one of my favorite fishing gifts this Christmas. At the cost of around 10.00 this nifty gadget would make any fisherman happy.

Check out all of Frabills Products, For great Ice fishing gifts!

The Frabill Ice Picks are another awesome fishing gift for your ice fisherman!  I own three sets of Frabill ice picks and gave out 2 sets as fishing gifts this year. The ice picks are carried by the angler so that if the ice breaks and they fall in, the retractable picks can help them get back on safe ice quickly.

One of the best fishing gifts for ice fisherman
Frabill Ice Picks

Other great fishing gifts are fishing shirts and fishing hats, you can look on the internet under humorous fishing shirts, fishing shirts, or for artists like Guy Harvey who designs awesome fishing shirts other good places to look on line for great fishing shirts would be Bass Pro, Gander Mountain or Cabelas.

Some anglers love local fishing shirts and apparel from their favorite tackle stores!

black ops fishing shirts
Black Ops Fishing Hoodies and Shirts are in!

I have quite a collection of fishing shirts and hoodies from bait and tackle shops and manufacturers of fishing equipment from all over the country.


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