Opening day trout fishing or a quiet fishing adventure?


I used to fish every trout season opener with the crowds of anglers rubbing elbows and moving further and further into both sides of the stream until their rod tips almost touch, of course I found quieter holes to fish but it was and is still a zoo out there!

If you chose to go to a lake for opening day trout be prepared for launch ramp disasters and lakes that need traffic lights to accomadate all the boaters trying to hit the water by the traditional 6 am opening.

Many people think that “fishing season” opens on the third Saturday in April but that is NOT the case!

The third Saturday in April marks the traditional opening day of trout fishing season only, You can fish 365 days a year in Connecticut like i do!

You can even fish for trout in the catch and release sections of some rivers known as TMA areas, the Black Ops crew was fishing the Salmon River TMA section hard until Friday before opening day, we even caught several large trout over 3 pounds known as “breeders”.

I feel bad for the folks who go on opening day of trout fishing season thinking the fish are fresh and eagerly ready to bite unaware that we already caught and released their dinner:)

The last several years I would go on a Cod Fishing trip instead of fighting the hoards of “Scrods” for a spot on the river, this year I fished the Salmon River’s lower section and never even saw another angler.

I like to fish alone, I still have flashbacks from 1975 when I was a teen and took a friend “Morris York” fishing with me, it was rugged journey to my spot and it started pouring rain, when we finally got there, ole Morris was ready to leave, I said cool but I’m staying, Morris whined that he didn’t know the way home but I knew he did, still he hung with me, probably afraid to go back by himself.

I would love to have a video or pictures of the fish that I was about to catch but I don’t so It’s just another story to tell.

I was fishing with worms and I made my first cast into my favorite pool on the Blackledge River, my worm didn’t even hit the water and was slammed by a big impressive brook trout, every single time I casted my worm another big brookie would take it! Every time! It was insane!

After a while I realized I was almost out of bait and looked around for Morris, who was sitting under a tree shivering cold and looking miserable. “Dude, find me some worms I yelled” but Morris wouldn’t move!

Finally I forcefully persuaded Morris to get me some worms but he was crying as he brought them to me, get more I yelled and Morris cried more,  eventually I unwillingly caved and brought ole Morris home, I had caught over 20 beautiful big brook trout, one every cast in one single hole, with the rest of the river left to fish!!! It was like a dream come true and Morris was like a nightmare!

Where ever you are Morris I’m still pissed! You “Scrod”! If we ever meet again you best have some worms with ya!

Whew, I held that in a long time 🙂


This year I fished the lower Salmon River, I just messed around using live bait and learning how to make videos of myself and still catch fish, I also tested my Panasonic waterproof camera.

Here is My Salmon River  fishing adventure video! Hope you enjoy it!

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