My cool dad and the Educated Bass Phenomenon, continued!


Take Alan Fishing! I need to tell another story about dad, I didn’t understand at the time but in later years I did and it shows my dads wisdom and how he helped make sure I went fishing.

Dad and I went to Sears and he bought a nice new 12 foot aluminum boat and a 6 horse Sears motor the boat fit nicely on the roof of our family station wagon and he started taking me fishing more often, it was awesome! I was the youngest child in the family my brother and sister were 13 years my senior.

My sister was married and my brother in law was an avid fisherman and they had there eye’s on the new boat! Of coarse dad would let them use it, that’s the way he was, even our next door neighbor would borrow it from time to time.
Dad would get home from work and ask me where the boat was, I would reply Billy and Herbie went fishing in it, my dad asked if I had wanted to go and found out I did but they would ditch me and take the boat fishing on many occasions. Now that I look back they probably wanted to suck down a few beers and behave in ways that might not be appropriate for a kid to see, so I have now forgiven them and I do have many memories of times that they did allow me to tag along.

But this was not cool with dad , so he devised a plan! One day when I was 10 years old my dad called me over and said, Alan, I’m giving you the boat and motor, I remember it well I was giggling with excitement but I’m only 10,! I thought dad was crazy!

My brother Billy asked my dad if they could take the boat out and he said, “you’ll have to ask Alan I gave the boat to him.” My response, Sure, where are we going!

I didn’t see the big picture back then I just new I owned my very own Boat and motor, I maintained  that set up for many years to come!

To further Illustrate the lack of intelligence that Bass possessed back in the days of 1972, we lived in Saline Michigan and I was 12, our recent move to Michigan was exciting to me because It meant new fish but I remember I was very concerned that there would be no ocean, no clam digging, flounder or blackfish but dad said when we come back to visit my sister and other relatives  I would get to do all that stuff again!
I was sold! and on several occasions we did exactly what dad had said, one time I got to fly unchaperoned with a friend for the summer to my Sisters in RI and we experienced all the pleasures of the ocean.

Back to my example, I used to pedal my bike to a lake called Pleasant Lake it was 12 miles from our house in Saline (I just checked on Google earth, I always wondered). I would go to a small campground and rent a boat, the price was 3.50 for a day and oars anchors and life jackets were a few quarters extra. I had my own boat at home but this was convenient for me to do alone and easily affordable for a kid that did odd jobs and  a 5 dollar a week allowance!

I would shove the boat off from the dock and set up my pole in the back equip with a Creme or the new Mann’s rubber worm, pick up the oars and begin to to troll, I was handy with oars and quiet as I could be as I trolled past the heavy Lilly pads and tree structure that I knew bass liked. Boy, they used to hit! They would come flying out of the water with my worm in their mouth as I dropped the oars and manned the rod and landed bass after bass, by the time I was sixteen and could drive my dads car I was at that lake constantly the car helped me bring more equipment and friends who were not going to pedal that far for fishing. Now I  could set up 2 rods and trolled with oars or sometimes my 6 horse sears motor,
We caught tons of Bass some big some small, many we ate as did most people of that time but some we released to swim another day.
My point here is that we didn’t have electric motors, we were noisy, it couldn’t be helped but did the Bass mind? No, why Cause they were still pretty stupid!
About the same time we found the New Rebel Swimming Lure’s and no matter what we did with them we caught bass! Big bass not to forget the occasional Pike, the Rebels didn’t come in the 30 color patterns and sizes that you need to entice the new educated breed of Bass, they came in silver and Gold a couple of sizes, If I wanted it to sink I added shot, much less stress than trying to figure out what to use in the array of bass lures available today. Don’t get me wrong we had lures, lots of them, some are still being made today. It was just plain easier to catch bass!


So do I think there were just lots more Bass back then?

No I really don’t, heck we kept lots of bass to eat, everyone did, we had our share of polluted waters, some are cleaner now then when I was a kid, we didn’t have catch and release or bass management, bass stocking or monitoring, so No, I don’t think we have less bass today, I believe we may have even more bass then we did back in the 70’s, their just smarter.
I pick on the bass here because the educated fish phenomena is most predominant in the bass primarily because the bass is the most sought after game fish in the world and the advent of tournament fishing and high fishing pressure for bass made them smarter and therefor harder and harder to catch. Old methods that always worked for me in the past had to be changed to new different methods to continue to catch bass.

After finishing my junior year in high school my dad hit me with another moving decision, this time I had my parents permission to stay in Michigan with friends and finish high school or move with them back to Connecticut, I chose the move and Came back to CT where I still live and fish today.


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