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Live Bait Selection made easy! The Bait Interrogator!




Here’s a quick video of our new product, the Bait Interrogator! It fits a five gallon bucket and makes baitfish selection easy on the angler and the live bait! When ice fishing your hands stay dry as you reach for a live bait. The stress on the baitfish is much less then when you chase the live bait with dip net, often settleing for the live bait that lands in the dip net and not the baitfish you really wanted.


If you fish the same way year after year, your results will be simular each year, if you use new tactics and ideas and especially if you come up with your own techniques and ideas, your fishing results will change for the better. The time and effort it takes to try new tactics will eventually pay off. This is the difference betwwen a good angler and a great angler.

Catching live baitfish for your fishing needs can be fun and rewarding,  it also can save you a bunch of money. If you know of a pond that holds Golden Pond Shiners,

you can catch them on hook and line, even through the ice! Chumming your spot with bits of bread or a can of cat food should increase your catch. Use a very small hook #10 or 12 and for bait you can use bread, very small piece of Garden Worm, Spike, Grub or Mousie.

live bait is one of the best methods of catching fish

Nice Fatty Perch caught on a live shiner

You can also catch them in a shiner trap, baited with bread or canned cat food, I use the catfood in the winter when shiners are closer to the bottom, the cat food sinks, insted of floating up like the bread.




Al the “Hitman” Sims is an accomplished inventor and expert Fisherman!

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