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Shawn Sims of Black Ops Fishing displays a nice bass caught while fishing from his kayak


Kayak fishing is growing in popularity faster then ever, the number of Kayaks being sold is astounding, just take a drive on a nice day and you are bound to see dozens of vehicles on the road  carrying  kayaks,  some people are using kayaks for exploring,  sight seeing, exercise, running rapids, riding ocean waves or just floating around reading a book but we will leave those folks to their simple pleasures, were talking hardcore kayak fishing supplies here!

Kayaks are fun, versatile, easy to transport and make perfect stealth fishing boats, they are also simple to rig with all kinds of kayak fishing supplies!

Today there are so many kayak fishing supplies to chose from you can be very creative when rigging your personal fishing machine.

I own 3 kayaks all rigged for fishing with different kayak fishing supplies and I have helped many anglers set up their boats for fishing with the proper kayak fishing supplies for the fish they seek.

Why do I own 3 Kayaks?  There are several reasons, I have a 12′ Wilderness Brand Kayak it has a large cockpit to carry the extra gear I need for underwater camera  filming , or extra kayak  fishing supplies for longer days of fishing. I have a 10′ Wilderness Pungo model and a Malibu Mini X sit on top Kayak, they are  perfect for the ponds, lakes, rivers and ocean bays were I like to fish. I can also supply 2 friends with kayaks for the different fishing missions we take.

Here is list of the most important kayak fishing supplies you should have on your kayak and where you can find them.

  • P.F.D. personal flotation device:  for comfort you should purchase a kayaking style P.F.D.  these are easy to find in the sporting department of most any store. Larger kayak fishing supplies stores often carry many styles of kayak P.F.D’s including inflatable models, find the one that suits you best.
  • Bailing Device: If your  kayak is not self bailing you will need some sort of bailing devise, I recommend the manual pump style. The Beckson Sea  Kayak Pump can befound at many stores selling kayak fishing supplies. One such store is the Defender corporation  I live local to the Defender corp but they are online at www.defender.com, they have a nice selection of kayak fishing supplies.Beckson Sea Kayak Pump
  • Paddle: You need one, why not spend the extra money on a super light paddle, you won’t believe the difference over a standard kayak paddle.
  • Whistle: You should carry a whistle in your kayak fishing supplies safety kit, a mirror, flare, lighter and first aid items are handy items to keep in your kit as well.

You will also need some rope and an anchor if  you plan on doing any stationary fishing, I carrie a bow and a stern anchor on some trips. You can get fancy and buy or fashion a pulley rig to lift and lock your anchor in place (some kayaks come with these devices) or you can purchace a folding anchor system which includes a folding anchor, rope and bouy in a carry bag.

Fishing rod holders are always available in many styles at fishing and boating stores but for some specialized kayak fishing rod holders you may have to try a kayak fishing supplies store. Also remember you need rod holders to store rods while paddleing as well as rod holders for fishing.

I rarely fish without electronics such as sonar depth finders and or flashers, some kayaks come with mounting surfaces for this equipment or you may have to get creative with your mounting in any case you can get many ideas from searching stores that sell kayak fishing supplies.

Another  great item to carry in your kayak is the Lindy Bait Tamer bag! The 15 gallon bag hangs over the side of my kayaks, we use it as a live bait holder, a live well for kayak fishing tournaments and as a fish bag for our Fluke and Blackfishing!    You may have to order the 15 gallon Lindy bait bag online, it’s harder to find than the 5 gallon model and may not be available at Kayak fishing supplies stores.

I love the Lindy Bait Tamer Bag in the 15 gallon size

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