Inflatable fishing boats advantages

the foldcat

The Hitmans tricked out Sea Eagle Foldcat 375

Lets talk about the advantages of inflatable fishing boats. Obviously the first advantage of  inflatable fishing boats would be their flexibility, they can be deflated and kept in the trunk of a car or a closet in your condo. No need for a trailer, a small car is all you need to transport inflatable fishing boats to your favorite fishing spots, they easily inflate with a foot pump and you are on the water in minutes.

Inflatable boats are extremely safe in the water that’s why they are the first choice for Navy Seals, Fire and Police and Coast Guard rescue boats. Inflatable boats can handle rough seas better than most boats, another reason they are used as rescue boats. I have never been in a more stable boat then my new Sea Eagle 12.6 Sport Runabout It is a perfect inflatable fishing boat, If you stand to one side of the boat it wont even dip down, I swear It’s more stable then my Ranger Bass Boat was, this is why inflatables are used as dive boats, divers can climb in loaded with heavy gear and the inflatable boat remains stable.  These are great reasons to chose  inflatable fishing boats.

They are extremely light and disperse very little water the draft (the distance from the waters surface to the lowest point on the keel)is only a few inches on most inflatable fishing boats making them able to navigate through the shallowest water, yet another reason inflatable boats are used for rescues and Navy Seal Missions and make great fishing boats.

Inflatable fishing boats handle extremely well under power, super quick turns and responsive handling are another reason to make inflatable fishing boats your next choice!

New Sea Eagle Sport Runabout

The Hitmans New Sea Eagle Sport Runabout ready to fish!

Here is a great example of what you can do with inflatable fishing boats, there is a river that branches off of the Connecticut river, every spring when the Herring make their annual run up the Connecticut River many branch off and run up smaller rivers, each season anglers in the loop, head up this river past many obstacles, prop breaking rocks, and shallow marsh areas to reach a fish ladder where very big fish of all types come to feed on the Herring, it is an amazing fishing spot.

This year we have not had enough rain and the river is low, preventing all the bass boats from making this trip, only Canoes,Kayaks or the Hitman’s Custom inflatable would be able to navigate this river. I’m actually planning this trip for today my inflatable is perfect for the mission since a GPS is needed for navigation purposes and I can carry a all the gear I may need, the low draft will allow me to use my gas and electric motor since it’s several miles to the fish ladder and dam. I’m more excited than ever because I’m most likely one of only a few anglers who will fish this prime location this year.

Inflatable fishing boats will go much faster then any other boat with the same horse power outboard, for example I have a 9.9 hp outboard and if I punch it, the boat climbs out of the hole and jumps on plane like a mini bass boat, in seconds I’m going 20 mph this is a huge gas saver! I can fish all week on a few gallons!
This saves me a ton of money. With some of my other boats It could cost over a hundred dollars for fuel just for a day!
I can get a week out of a tank of gas on my inflatable fishing boat, costing me 24 bucks. That saves a bunch of money I can by lures and tackle with.

Besides all of the advantages of inflatable fishing boats, I think they look cool, are a blast to use and easy to trick out with all kinds of fishing gadgets.

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  1. Ken Ravago says:

    Hello Hitman. I am thinking about putting a coleman outboard on my foldcat. Would you be open to selling your custom motormounts for this rig. Thanks for your videos RE the foldcat. Ken.

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