CT BlackOps Fishing Report 5/23/2012

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Here is the 3rd Ever Audio and Video Ct Fishing Report for April 20,2012….Enjoy


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  1. Ray says:

    Just picked up the foldcat 375. Just recieved it today. Three questions for you.
    1. What fish finder do you use ans where does it go?
    2. Do you have any plans for the custom boat tailer you made for your foldcat 375?
    3. Where did you get those seat holders from?

    • Al says:

      I use an Eagle fish finder with transducer mounted to the motor mount suspended underwater by a pole.
      Seat holders are from Sea Eagle but Cabelas and other sporting goods stores carry them as well.

      No plans for trailer I made it from stuff I had saved over time.

    • Al says:

      Sorry for the late response Ray, If you still need any help you can contact me.

  2. Lon Weekly says:

    I really enjoy your videos.

    I have a 375c. I built a removable plywood deck (2 sections approx. 46″ x 48″, each hinged in the middle so they’ll fit in the back of my jeep)

    I’m going to purchase the Coleman 2.6 motor and wondered what you did to the motor mount for optimum performance.

    My trolling motor is on the bow, so I can do anything necessary to the rear motor mount.

    Also, when I user taller ( > 7″) seat bases, they seemed to lean over (front to back). How did you stabilize yours?



    • Al says:

      I simply moved the brackets on the original mount and lowered it a couple of inches, so the motor is submersed enough to not catch air. Not sure why your having trouble with the seat bases,could you explain exactly what you are referring too.

    • Al says:

      Hi Lori, Thanks for the kind words! I did not have tge issue with the seats, did you fix them yet, If I had a picture I could try to help. AL~

    • Al says:

      I just had to lower the mount 2 inches, I’m not happy with the Coleman at this time, It became troublesome in the second season. I’m going to repair it and give it another try.

      Thanks for the post!

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