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The Chatterbait is one of the countries top selling Bass baits, It was invented around 2003 and  in it’s early days it could be found on Ebay for 50 bucks a pop until it hit the store shelves in 2005,  a Bass angler named Bryan Thrift got hold of these early baits and started winning some major tournaments He caught most of his fish with a ChatterBait. Other anglers got a look at what he was using and the Chatterbait craze began.

a selection of chatterbaits

A selection of Z-Man Chatterbaits

What makes a Chatterbait such a great Bass catching lure? Well first of all it’s new! I’ve been fishing long enough to see this happen with several lures, Bass are all over them at first and once they become educated to that bait the fishing slows a bit, this could take years but it does happen, find a lake where that bait has not been introduced and you may have a very successful Bass fishing trip as a result!

Some anglers call the Chatterbait the “new Spinnerbait”  It actually  is simular to a Spinnerbait, they are both essentially jigs, the spinnerbait a jig on a wire with various blades attached and  the ChatterBait a jig with a metal lip blade, designed to rattle and make the chatter sound.

They both wear skirts and they are both very versatile lures. They each have a place in my tackle bag but the Chatterbait is the one we are talking about in this article and the bait I have been experimenting with lately.

Hitman displays a nice river Smallmouth Bass

Chatterbaits are easy to use Bass catching lures

The Chatterbait is a fun lure to fish with you can fish it very slow or quite fast, when you reel in you will feel the chattering of the blade and you will instantly know your bait is swimming properly, if it picks up weeds the chatter action will stop. It’s not weedless but performs surprisingly well in weedy areas.

I caught bass with the Chatterbait right off the bat, I tried various retrieves and caught a few bass, since many strikes come on the initial fall of the bait, I find that making the Chatterbait repeat the dropping motion by lifting and lowering your rod on the retrieve is one method that works well.

You can work a Chatterbait with a super slow retrieve to entice inactive bass , or just cast and retrieve your Chatterbait as you would with a crankbait varying the speed of your retrieve to fish at different depths. Over all the Chatterbait is an easy to use bait, that is extremely effective for large and smallmouth Bass!

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