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Fishing Rod Rack ideas

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fishing rod rack

Bungee material, staples and a couple of planks made a quick fishing rod rack

If you need a fly fishing rod rack, fishing rod roof rack, fishing rod rack for truck, horizontal fishing rod rack, boat fishing rod rack, wall fishing rod rack, free standing fishing rod rack,Ceiling fishing rod rack, chances are you can make one and save enough loot to buy another rod or two.

If I’m going to do a DIY project the first thing I want to know is am I going to save money, time or both. Fishing rod racks are a yes to saving both time and money, its simple to make your own and depending on what you need for a fishing rod rack it could take just a few minutes.

Below is a picture of a fishing rod rack I made in just minutes, I didn’t want to go to the store, I was going strong on organizing my fishing room and didn’t want to brake my pace but ceiling storage for several fishing rods would really help so I came up with this ceiling  fishing rod storage rack.


the rubber fishing rod clip

Rubber fishing rod clips like this can be found online

You can simply mount the rubber fishing rod rack clips to a board, door, ceiling and more! Imagine if you took an old chest of drawers and attached rubber fishing rod rack clips on the sides and back, you would also need a base at the bottom of chest to secure fishing rod butts and keep them off the floor, add some wheels and you have a rolling fishing cart with tackle storage drawers and a working table top.
Something like that would cost several hundred dollars you can buy several rods with your savings.

the fishing rod rack

Another ceiling mount fishing rod rack is seen in the back ground, made from scrap items

boat fishing rod rack

The Hitmans Custom "Tower" boat fishing rod rack

You can also use pvc pipes to make simple fishing rod racks! Here is picture of a boat fishing rod rack in my Sea Eagle Sport Runabout.

I used a simple PVC pipe with capped ends to store large surf rods, push poles and such on my roof fishing rod rack.

the pvc tube for fishing rods

The Hitman stores surf fishing rods, push poles and such in a large capped PVC pipe

Use your imagination and save a bunch of money on fishing rod racks.

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