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If you love fishing as much as I do, the most important tool you should bring even before your rod is a good old fashion pair of forceps, or a good hook removing device. There are many, many reasons to always carry a pair with you, most importantly to save the one thing that makes fishing what it is….the fish! I can’t remember all the times I’ve hooked a smaller fish and found that it was almost digesting the hook! There are way too many people out there that just grab the line and rip the hook out! This has to stop, all you need is a nice pair of forceps and you’ll save the lives of many fish, and keep our beloved sport alive for years to come!
It really hurts me to see a beautiful trout or bass etc. floating down the river.



Many people don’t realize how close we as humans are to ruining fishing forever, with all of our pollutants and garbage we put in the water. On top of this there’s way too many “scrods” or uneducated fisherman out there killing almost every fish they catch! If we as fisherman do not learn the proper techniques of catch and release fishing our sport may be shut down across the US within the next 10-20 years. Every fish counts, even without us fisherman the chances of a fish surviving until it’s full grown are low because of the food chain. When someone rips a fish’s gills or guts out with the hook and it dies, it lowers these odds and this fish will never reproduce.
Handling the fish is just as important as hook removal. ALWAYS wet your hands before handling a fish. Fish have a protective slime covering on their skin, this protects them against disease and many other things. Dry hands, some nets and improper handling can remove this coating and expose the fish to life threatening elements. If you think you are unsure about how to properly release a fish then please keep reading and memorize all of my pointers so you too can help preserve our sport!

Catch and release fishing is the way to go, since I could hold a pole I always believed in catch and release. It all starts with the fight, when you are reeling in a fish have fun, relax don’t yank the fish too hard and don’t lift the fish and plop him on the ground. Take your time with it, when you get the fish close to shore, prepare your fish friendly net or hands by wetting them. Slowly pull the fish into the net, or up to your hand holding the rod with the other hand. If the fish doesn’t have big teeth you may hold it by the lip ( Large mouth bass is the best for this) DO NOT TOUCH THE GILLS OF THE FISH OR LAY THE FISH ON THE DRY GROUND . If the fish has a smaller mouth like a trout you’ll want to gently wrap your hand around the fish about halfway down it’s back. Now using your forceps carefully and gently remove the hook. Be careful when handling the hook and fish, lower the fish back into the water. Sometimes I like to hold them in place for a second and help them gather there energy so they can swim off : )
It feels great to catch a really beautiful fish and it feels even better to know you successfully released it alive and healthy! Thank’s for reading! Until Next Time ; ) -Shawn
Remember to always carry out what you carry in plus at least one other piece of garbage, if we all do this someday our shorelines and river banks will be clear of garbage.

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