Back in the day when Bass were stupid!


I was lucky to be born back in the day when Bass were still stupid, you have probably heard this before but do you really believe that Bass have become more educated over the years?
Believe it!

I’ve witnessed this transformation. In my introduction I bloged about the first Bass I caught on a lure, a FlatFish lure cast into a pond by an 8 year old boy, who unknowingly placed his pole in a forked stick and waited for a bass to smash the lure.
Well a bass did smash the lure and a young boy went home with a great feeling of acomplishment.
If you tried this tactic today, you most likely go home empty handed.
Another example of stupid bass comes from my introduction to rubber worms. My parents used to take me to a store called Grants an early version of department stores. I would go directly to the toy and fishing isles, while mom or dad shopped, it was in that fishing isle that I discovered rubber worms, 3 or 4 black rubber worms that came in a package made by a company called Creme, I bought a package to use on my next trip.

I was excited as I arrived at the “Resiviour ” thats what we called a small pond that was about a 5 mile bike ride from my house.
I snuck up to my favorite spot, I knew to be sneaky and not to wear bright clothes because I had noticed that fish could see and hear me, this was somthing I discovered on my own, i was fastenated with bedding fish, I loved to find bedding fish and watch them as I fished or tossed bugs and worms for them to eat, thats how i became aware of how fish notice me.

Rubber worms were designed to use whole but I didn’t know that,
I carefully removed a rubber worm from the package and broke off a peice about 2 inches long and threaded it onto the curve of my hook, just like I did with a live night crawler, I adjusted my bobber( most likely a stick tied on to the line) and cast out into the pond. Guess what? I loaded up on Bass and panfish! These worms lacked the modern day softness and impregnated or applied scents that attract bass and fisherman of today, so what made these fish so ready to bite, besides the positive thinking of a little boy?

I can tell you that answer from years of dedication to the sport of bass fishing the answer is Bass were stupid!
Now go down to the pond and try this method today and see what you catch, probobly nothing, except a chuckle from any fisherman that see’s you.
Bass were stupid!
My love for fishing increased, I liked flounder and black fishing best of all, my dad would take me for flounder every Sunday starting  back when I was 4 or 5, mom would be visiting my grandparents, this was when we lived in RI and dad loved to escape the inlaws and take me fishing.
It would bug my dad a little that I would be flipping rocks and looking for crabs and sandworms and not watching my pole but I always seemed to catch the biggest or the most fish.

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