AL’s Key West Fishing Adventure on a Budget!


I’m over due for an adventure! Hurricane Irene had me back deep into my Flood Restoration business and my passion BlackOpsFishing.Com had to sit on the back burner for a few months.

The Mission I am about to take should be the thrill of my life time! I have pimped out my New 1995 (1500 dollar) Asto Van with everything I will need for the trip! I will tow my Sea Eagle Fold Cat and bring my Malibu Mini X sit on top Kayak!

"Fishing the Florida Keys"

Al Sims a.k.a. the”HitMan” & “Cod Father” of the BlackOps Fishing Mafia:   Mission –  Fish Key West!
The Mission will require me to add as many new species of fish to my “Creel List” as possible. I will do this on a budget, camping ,catching my own bait, cooking my catch, using only my own instincts and tactics, no fishing guides allowed! Although I will gather info from locals, visiting tackle shops and use the internet as to where to locate my target fish!

You can keep track of my Mission on my blog and web cam. The trip is 1562.34 miles.  In my next blog I will show how I set up my Van for the trip including general costs of necessities.

My goal is to provide info for others wanting to do a similar journey on a budget!

Tight Lines


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  1. P. Silverman says:

    I told my friends about BlackOpsFishing.com because you are very good. Thank you.

  2. fishing says:

    Hey AL,
    I met you on thr Connecticut River in Vernont, thamks for taking time to show ne how flashers work! That was really cool!
    Hope you get a monster Pike.

  3. very nice post, i certainly love this website, keep on it

  4. Jim Crowley says:

    Hi! Great post! 🙂 I want to do a trip like that

  5. Pat Willson says:

    I wish you luck on your fishing trip

  6. Wayne Lyle says:

    I’m another fishing addict, I’ve added this blog to my favorites!

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