Advances in Ice Fishing Technology


Some fisherman just wont change their methods with the times, I have a friend that is a very good fisherman but he remains stuck in the 1980’s he continues to fish the same way he always has, how much experience can an angler gain doing the same things over and over?images (26)

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I have always changed with the times, often innovating new ideas and approaches of my own. I try to learn something new on each fishing adventure.

This blog post will pertain to more advanced Ice fishing equipment and methods, they change rapidly in today’s world of modern electronics.

Here is an example: I purchased the  Humminbird Ice 55 sonar, just last season and it was one of the best sonars on the market, Humminbird now has more advanced units, like the 597 ci hd that includes sonar, gps and more options then previous year models. A unit like the 597 can put an ice fishing angler on a previous location using gps system! This is a huge breakthrough for ice fisherman. Imagine knowing you are sitting exactly on top of a brush pile or log crib designed to attract fish!

Another example would be Ice fishing Augers, I own one of the best Ice fishing Augers on the market but now I’m drooling over the new Ion Electric Ice Fishing Auger, electric Ice Fishing Augers will be the Ice Fishing Augers of the future!

Lets go ice fishing with a Sonar unit for checking depths and finding fish.
Using a Sonar to set up your ice fishing tip-ups.
When using a Sonar unit to set depths on your ice fishing tip-ups, you will get a much more accurate setting and the confidence that your bait is exactly where you want it in the water column.

When you use your sonar for ice fishing, remember to adjust the sensitivity on each trip, this is very important, modern sonar units will allow you to view your bait as it descends, you you should pick up a signal from the bait, split shot and barrel swivel, if you do not,  you need to adjust the sensitivity on your sonar unit, water clarity also plays a roll in properly adjusting your sonar.

Setting your tip-up’s with a sonar will assure you are fishing at an exact location and depth.




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