Catching Big Bass, on Hot Summer Days!


Salmon River Bass Hits Buzz Bait surface water temp 79*

Bass have to eat more in summer, their appetite is dictated by their metabolism, if you are lucky to find them during a feeding time, they will hit fast moving lures. If they aren’t in the feeding mode, you will have to slow down your approach.
Here is what I use during the dog days of summer.

Buzz baits, spinner baits, frogs      The most fun! and very productive, easy to cover a lot of water, I reach for these first on most days, sometimes you have to repeatedly throw a buzz bait to any area until the bass can’t take it anymore. I find fish in water so shallow you can see them V through the mats.

Pike spotted V'ing through the Matts, fell for a Black Spinner Bait fluttered across the surface!

Worms, punching mats with tungsten weights and plastic baits and drop shoting all work well for me!

Rivers are great in the summer because they run a little cooler, lately I have been fishing the Salmon River estuary in my Sea Eagle Fold Cat with great success, they surface temp was 78, 4 degrees cooler then the Connecticut River. The buzz bait was key! I caught large mouth and small mouth bass and a pike on Sunday all on buzz baits, my first cast was slammed by a Big small mouth that jumped like 3 feet out of the water, I lost that fish and my buzz bait.

Bait fish were jumping every where and I thought if I could make a spinner bait stay near the surface and could get the silver Colorado blades to flutter at the surface it would resemble the bait action, I tossed a black spinner bait and made it flutter slowly on the surface by holding my rod high and popping the tip as I reeled in, a pike followed and right near the boat it was smashed and missed, Doh! No trailer hook, I quickly snapped on a trailer hook and the same pike smashed it at the boat again this time the trailer hook only nailed him.

I go out on the hottest sunny days and do very well, I don’t let the boaters and jet skiers bother me, in fact I will often cast in the wake or the waves created by recreational boaters and catch fish, I think they stir the bait up.

I think it’s a frame of mind! I convinced myself that hot summer days are awesome fishing days and they are.


  1. I am extremely impressed with your fishing knowledge


  2. Tim Clark says:

    I’m going to bass fish with much more confidence this summer after reading your blog!

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